Monthly message from Father David

Father David’s Message


Dear Friends


The beginning of this month sees us to Passiontide, the last two weeks of Lent, leading us to Holy Week and Easter. On Passion Sunday we traditionally think about what our Lord must have gone through, knowing exactly, it would seem, what was going to happen to him. We can perhaps enter into the physicality of the man Jesus suffering in his flesh; but what can we understand of the wounded urgency of the love that reached out to save those so lost that they did not even know they were astray? In the mystery of the uniting of God and flesh that was the life of our Lord, what terrible anguish assailed him as he prepared for what his body knew would be something perilously like the end.


Passion Sunday is one I struggle with. If Jesus had asked me if I wanted him to die, I would have said no. Over the millennia there have been many attempts to explain why Jesus had to die. One explanation that appeals to me is that, actually, he didn’t have to. What he was in truth doing was staying with us, whatever it took, and that is quite a different slant on it. He said he would come to us and never leave, and he kept to his word. It turns the cross from an altar of shame and triumph to a place where love was revealed in all its selflessness. God of power and might surrendered to callous human hands. Conversely the cross shows us exactly how helpless we are as we contemplate our Lord in his agony. The cross also reflects to us the profundity of human selfishness. It is a constant challenge to us to learn how to surrender in order to survive.


Holy Week is the most important week of the Christian year, representing for us the mystery of our redemption through Christ’s death and Resurrection. The liturgy is especially moving, and I invite you all to give this Holy week to God and I do hope that you will all come along to the services throughout that week and walk with Christ His final week on earth. By doing so I am sure you will gain enormous benefit through a deepening of your Spiritual life.


Your Friend and Parish Priest


Father David