Monthly Happenings




With thoughts of Easter and rebirth, at our 29 April meeting we followed the life cycle of the butterfly. The greatest fun was the caterpillar. We cut small circles and having drawn a wiggly line, glued the circles along it, then with the help of Mums and our team, spelt the children’s names along it, one letter on each circle, following which the little ones placed butterfly stickers in the background of trees. It was a real treasure to take home!


Our following meeting was a ‘messy fingers’ session with the children filling a small pot with compost then planting it up with a petunia and trailing lobelia to take home for Mum or a much loved grandma. Hopefully we are nurturing some ‘budding gardeners’. I think every-one joined in, but for those who are not so inclined there is always an alternate activity. Following this, with the aid of the piano Ann led a ‘statues’ game and our usual songs and movement. After prayer time there was much juggling for Mums and Grandmas to set off for home with prams, toddlers and planted pots.

We have a break for Bank Holiday at the end of May then our meetings for June are 10th and 24th from 1.00pm in the Church Hall.




Letter from Danny


Dear Friends


Have you noticed that Sundays are different? You know that my two main duties, apart from taking my Master and Missus for walks, are collecting the newspaper and the letters from the letterbox when they arrive. Sundays always come as a surprise. Master cancelled newspapers here on Sundays. He says they are so big that it takes all day to read them and he doesn’t get his gardening chores done. The postman doesn’t deliver his letters on that day either and I pace up and down, going to the letter box at every small sound I hear, expecting there to be something for me to collect, and nothing comes!!! The thing is that when I collect my prize I take it to my chair and some-one brings a biscuit as a reward; sometimes it’s just not fair on dogs!


There are some rewards even so. Here, on Sundays we get a pretty fair-sized lunch with juicy meat and vegetables and lots of gravy. There are usually a few scraps for Danny, then after lunch sometimes Master and Missus take me for a walk together and I might be allowed off my lead for a ball game or a chase around. When the weather is really fine, we may walk as far as the beach. Here I am allowed to dig to my heart’s content and the waves chase me even when I bark at them. Perhaps Sundays are not so bad after all!







Thank you to everyone who presented the church with an

Easter Gift by supporting the ‘Smartie Tube’ initiative.

Your generosity raised £593:25





More Churches than Pubs!

The UK now has more churches than pubs, according to new data published by the National Churches Trust.

There are around 39,000 pubs in the UK, according to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics, with more than 11,000 pubs having closed in the UK in the last decade – a fall of almost a quarter (23%).

However, there are around 40,300 church buildings in the UK open to the public and being used for worship, according to research carried out for the National Churches Trust by the Brierley Consultancy.


The number of church buildings is also substantially higher than other key public buildings in the UK. There are currently around 14,300 supermarkets operated by grocery retailers, 11,500 post office branches, 7,500 bank branches and 3,600 public libraries.


An increasing number of churches in the UK are also becoming local ‘community hubs’, hosting children’s nurseries, senior citizen lunch clubs, concerts and exhibition venues.  Some even house post-offices, GP surgeries and farmer’s markets. Around 6,000 of the UK’s approximately 32,000 polling places are located in church buildings.


Maybe one or more people would like to make a count of churches and pubs in the local area! We will be pleased to publish any conclusions in the July Edition of St Paul’s Newsletter!!!